Amazon PAN-EU Program Part 1: What Is There To Consider When Labeling My Packaging?

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International packaging label


If you have only offered your goods on up to now and only shipped them within Germany, you only had to adhere to the known German requirements regarding labeling, which also includes the manufacturer’s name / distributor in the European Economic Area (EEA), including the legal form supplement, as well as the exact contact address. However, if you now want to sell to (European) foreign countries, or you want to use Amazon’s PAN-EU program directly, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure correct labeling of the packaging.

Let’s start with the basic information. You must write any warnings or instructions for use that appear on your packaging or are included with the product as an instruction manual in the official language(s) of the country in which you market the product. For example, if you are shipping from to Switzerland, you must provide the information in German, Italian and French.

For correct packaging labeling, there are certain symbols that are valid throughout the EU. These include, among others, the crossed-out trash can, which can be found on the packaging of electrical appliances, or the well-known CE mark for certain products. In addition, however, there are also new obligations for product labeling that differ from country to country. With Amazon’s PAN-EU program, you can also offer your product on the marketplaces of Italy, Spain and France, among others. In the following, we will therefore inspect the special regulations of these countries. As a small bonus, we will also show you the most important labeling requirements of the United Kingdom.

Package labeling in France

If you want to ship your products to France, you must comply with the Triman logo. The main purpose of the Triman logo is to help consumers dispose of products and packaging correctly. Products with the Triman logo belong in the recycling or waste paper garbage can. The labeling obligation applies primarily to packaging, textiles, shoes, electrical appliances, batteries, furniture and paper products. From September 9, 2022, sorting instructions under the Triman logo is mandatory to be displayed on packaging. You can get the graphics by registering with a dual system in France.

Symbols packaging labeling
Exemplary listing of country-specific markings for product packaging

Package labeling in Italy

The labeling requirements for packaging in Italy are very strict. For example, from 01.01.2023, environmental labeling must be mandatory for all household packaging. The relevant texts must be written in Italian. In addition, packaging that comprises several components, each part of the packaging must be labeled itself, as far as possible. With the e-tichetta tool you can create these individual environmental labels yourself.

Package labeling in Spain

In Spain and also in Cyprus, the Green Dot must be affixed to products. However this may only be affixed if you have a license from the Spanish waste disposal service provider, Ecoembalajes España S.A. (Ecoembes). If you want to sell your product in Spain, you need a Green Dot advertising license, both as an Amazon FBA seller and for your own online store. However, this can lead to problems in other European countries. Because in order to advertise with the Green Dot, you need a license for each individual country and this advertising license is very expensive. Currently, there are considerations in Spain to remove the obligation of the Green Dot on packaging. When exactly that will happen, however, is still unclear.

Package labeling in the Netherlands, Sweden & Poland

In most EU countries, there are no specific guidelines for packaging labeling. However, some countries require labeling with the recycling codes from EU Directive 94/62/EC. All packaging and packaging waste placed on the market is mandatory for distributors and manufacturers.

Bonus: Package labeling in UK

With Brexit, there have also been various differences regarding the labeling of packaging that are relevant for you if you want to sell your products in the UK. The most important change was the introduction of a separate CE marking, the so-called UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed). This is mandatory from 01.01.2025.

Especially for you as a seller, there is another change. If you want to offer your goods on the UK market, you must, if your company is based in Europe, specify a responsible company in the UK. This can be an allowed representative, an importer, or a distributor. The packaging must then include your company address (if you are a sole trader, with first and last name) and the company address of the allowed representative. It must be clearly distinguishable who is the manufacturer and who is the allowed representative.

Brexit in 2020 has changed many things regarding product and packaging labeling

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Preview of part 2 of our Amazon PAN-EU series

Finally, we would like to give you a small preview of Part 2 of this series of articles. The next article will deal with packaging licensing in the PAN-EU countries. In addition, we will look at other registration obligations, such as the registration of batteries and electrical appliances or textiles in France.

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