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In the following, we would like to introduce ourselves to you a little closer, to give you a tiny peek into our still relatively young company. It all began in sunny Cyprus at the end of 2018 with the foundation of Tradavo Limited. Having started as an entire e-commerce company, we decided to launch a product compliance service in mid-2021 to assist other e-commerce businesses with this issue. Having sold our e-commerce brand, we now focus exclusively on product compliance services to provide you with the best possible service.

Our team consists of our Managing Directors Katrin & Daniel, our Lawyer for Chinese law Yanxia, our Sourcing Manager Jenni, our Compliance Manager Ting, our Author Christina as well as our two Happy Managers Yuna & Zuby. We work remotely from four different locations worldwide – Cyprus, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and China. In our daily business we communicate in three languages. Therefore, we can guarantee a fast, smooth, and, most importantly, uncomplicated process for our clients. Click on each team member to learn more about them.

However, we are far from being complete. If you are also interested in Product Compliance, we would be glad to receive your unsolicited application. Click on the tile below for more information.


Katrin Löhr

Managing Director

Katrin is the founder of Tradavo and is in charge of product compliance. In addition to providing customer support and researching legal requirements, she also creates product requirement profiles and legal documents.


Daniel Lukas

Managing Director

As managing director of Tradavo, Daniel is responsible for creating product requirement profiles as well as for all organizational tasks and the back office. He keeps track of numbers and accounting so the team doesn't lose its focus.


Yanxia Zhou

Lawyer (Lüshi)

As a licensed lawyer for Chinese law, Yanxia reviews manufacturers' documents, prepares multilingual documents for legal protection and is also responsible for customer, manufacturer and laboratory communication.


Jenni Schuster

Sourcing Manager

Jenni is the link in our team between sourcing and product compliance. As sourcing manager, she finds the most suitable manufacturers from Asia or Europe according to the specifications of our customers, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.


Ting Zheng

Compliance Manager

As compliance manager, Ting is responsible for ensuring a smooth process between our customers, their manufacturers, and testing laboratories. Thanks to her, a necessary material test is handled quickly, competently, and cost-optimized.


Christina Waist


As an author, Christina fills the blog section of our website with exciting as well as informative articles, so that our readers can always take care of product compliance in their company in the best informed way.



Happy Manager

As happy manager, Yuna has the vital task of maintaining a good mood in the team. But not only do we enjoy her work, but our customers always get a cheerful contact person for their concerns.



Happy Manager

Zuby is our latest addition to the Happy Managers. If Yuna has a bad day when it comes to "spreading a good mood", Zuby is now right there to step in. A cheerful contact person is now guaranteed at all times.

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